A Simple Idea

Life is so complex.  We're overwhelmed by our schedules, bombarded by advertising, under pressure at work and trying to figure out how to pick up our pace to do more.

Simplicity rules.

Have you noticed?  Whether you're talking about clothing design, architecture or business.  The more simple, the better. 

Google strives to have forty words or less on their webpage.

Papa John's has built a pizza empire on "Better ingredients.  Better pizza.  Papa John's."

Southwest airlines has succeeded through having a very simple process.  There are no seat numbers.  You just have groups.  There are no fancy trappings.  Southwest doesn't have hubs.  When you fly, you always fly the shortest distance.

Apple has also done well with simple design.  Have you noticed how many buttons are on an ipod or how simple their design and advertising is?

We've been asking ourselves, what's that mean for church?  Can church have a simple design?

After a lot of consideration, discussion and prayer, we came to the conclusion that the answer is yes.

Mosaic has bought into the simple concept.  As a church, we're striving to do three things:

Love God.

Love People.

Serve the World.

Pretty simple, huh?