Love People.

Welcome.  You belong here.

We live in a day and age where many people live far away from their family.  It's nothing to hear of a family living on opposite coasts with one part of the family living in another country on some contract.

Even when family is close, there's so much dysfunction.  A close friend of mine tries to look on the bright side by saying his family "puts the 'fun' in dysfunction."  The sad truth is that for many of us, the people who should be breathing life and love into us . . . just aren't.

Through focus groups, we've met people who express disappointment that they've "lived here for a while" but they don't feel they have significant relationships.

We're striving to live out authentic community in a way that honors God.

We believe that we were created to live deeply with one another.  As a result, we strive to be a community that carries each other's burdens, shares our possessions, prays for and confesses our sins to each other and suffers and celebrates together. In the midst of honest, loving relationships, God continues His transforming work in us and what He's doing within us is fleshed out. 

God has wired us for relationships.  We were never meant to "go it alone."

At Mosaic, we realize one of the most important things we do is love people.  So, we're partnering with God to build that type of community. 

Along the way, we're growing in what it means to love and "do life" together.

You're invited to join us.

Shane Adkisson, Lead Pastor