Serve the World.

One of the reasons Mosaic exists is to develop a community of believers and to unleash a movement that will change our community and beyond. 

Jesus calls His followers to be a compelling force for good in the world.  We believe that the church is at it's best when we're serving, sacrificing, loving and caring about the things God cares about.

Simply put, actions speak louder than words. 

A while back, I spent some time dreaming of ways to serve and make a difference in St. Louis.  We were actively doing some things like co-sponsoring a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless of St. Louis, (along with Lampstand Ministries, we served 110 people--it was cool) feeding parking meters that have expired, co-hosting a Christmas party in an apartment building, and we even hosted a couple of community art events down on Washington Avenue.

We've raised money to dig new water wells and sent friends to actually help drill them.

We have packed food for people in St. Charles County, provided school supplies, collected peanut butter for orphans in Haiti and helped throw weddings for people who could not afford them.

As a leader, I feel great about all of those things.  We are attempting to unleash a movement and be a voice of hope. 

That's where my dreams have focused.

How can Mosaic be a catalyst for good?  What can we do to be quickened from our limited dreams to take action and make a significant difference?   

One of my dreams for Mosaic is that we'll be a spark to ignite a movement that will move us out of the grandstands and onto the playing field to truly make an impact.

At Mosaic we talk a lot about how God takes the broken pieces of our lives and arranges them in such a way that we become part of something we could never be on our own.  I think that idea hits close to what we're talking about.  We've been created for something larger than ourselves.

Resonate with any of this?

Join us.  You belong here. 

Christmas parade

sb--stasia teaching

Soulard landscaping project 2

Christmas singing with Barb

sb--parachute soulard

kids working

Marc, Beth, Soulard landscaping

Riley taping

Christmas surprise 2

Barb hair Fun Fair

Mike scraping

sb--Kat face paint smiling

sb--Barb working with kids