What is "Mosaic?"

Mosaic is a fairly new church.  We've been meeting in St. Charles County since 2010.

This whole Mosaic adventure is pretty new for all of us.  One of the most exciting things that's happening is that we're beginning to dream together.  

We strive to be ourselves and to be real with each other.  We're not perfect.  That's one of the reasons we chose the name Mosaic.  Because we're all messed up people who are surrendering the broken pieces of our lives into the artful hands of God--and then He's aseembling them into something beyond our wildest imagination.  We believe that's a great picture of the church.

At Mosaic, we talk a lot about "next steps".  If you've never been to one of our weekend gatherings, that would be a great next step for you. 

We realize walking into a new church can be intimidating so we're trying to remove those barriers.  When you come to Mosaic, you'll be welcomed and directed to The Blend--our coffee/snack area.  From there you'll see an info table where someone will be available to direct you or answer any questions you might have.

As you might imagine, our website is constantly being developed and updated.  Make yourself at home and look around.  We hope you make a habit of stopping in.