Blue Sky

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Dec 7, 2017

A while back, I drove by a little place called "Blue Sky Cafe".  I like the name.  

A couple of years ago there was a group consulting with churches and organizations.  They would come in and take the leadership through a series of excersizes as if they were helping to plan and create "Blue Sky Church".  As I understand it, they would then help the team to see many of those dreams could be possible within the church they served.

The key was in helping the leadership to see beyond the clouds and the rain to the possibility of blue sky.

Really, that's the job of every follower of Jesus.  We should be people who create a dynamic environment wherever we are.  

At work, there are certain people that everyone wants to work with.  You want to be on their team.  Why?  Because the environment they create will be the best in which to work.  The team will thrive because kindness, forgiveness, compassion and value for each member of the team will be championed. 

As followers of Jesus we seperate ourselves from the crowd in many ways.  One of those is by the environment we create.

I'm not talking about running around with a mentality of, "Isn't it a beautiful sunny day" when it's actually overcast and rainy.  If you act cheesy and fake like that, people won't think you're positive.  They'll think you're on drugs.

What I'm suggesting is that we should be people who are infusing optimism and hope into the lives of others . . . helping them to see beyond the clouds and the rain pointing them to the blue sky beyond.