• Shane Adkisson
  • Dec 1, 2017

Every once in a while all our family goes out and spends part of the day at my in-laws.  It is always a good day.  I know what to expect:  good food, family and kids running around.

My family lives in the city and our neighborhood doesn't provide the best opportunity for kids to ride bikes, so when my kids are at Nana & Papa's they usually want to ride.  We've even taken their good bikes out there.

Well, my nieces and nephews all usually converge on their house at the same time we do, so over time, Nana & Papa have built up quite a bike collection.  There must literally be twenty bikes in their basement!

We've got every size.  Every style.  You name it.  Princess bikes (in four sizes), tough bmx bikes (catering to kids from 2 - 16), mountain bikes, ten speeds and granny style cruiser bikes.  It's crazy.  Lots of choices.

However, what stands out most to me is this--when did they start making a dozen different size bikes for kids?!   Do you know what I mean?  

When I was a kid, I think a 20 inch bike was as small as it got.  

You fall.  You die.  

We all learned quick . . . without helmets.  How did we ever survive? :)

But things have changed.  My kids have many choices.  It's funny to watch them.  They go from size to size.  It's pretty humorous to watch a nine year old mount the 12 inch bike and struggle to pedal.


When the younger ones are headed on a collision course for one of the older kids or a parked car (my in-laws are the only house on the street/cul-de-sac) and they have to make a quick decision--it can get a little dicey for a moment.


When they have to haul all 57 bikes they dragged out back up the driveway before dinner.


Some of our choices are split second decisions.  Some choices are daily decisions we make over and over leaving an ingrained trail in our lives.  

Others choices are so significant that they effect the course and direction of our entire lives.  As strange as it may seem, these significant decisions can be snap decisions or well thought out decisions.  The timing isn't the determining factor.

I once heard Erwin McManus say, "Choices are the most spiritual activity."  

Our lives are shaped by the choices we make.  Every day.  Every moment.

Some choices are as simple as "Should I ride the mountain bike or the mini-clown bike?"  Others are as significant as:

"Who am I following?"  

"Who am I loving?"

"Who's travelling with me?"

It's been said that your choice of friends determines the direction and quality of your life.

 Relationships are important.

Choose wisely.