Christmas Conspiracy of Kindness

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Dec 7, 2008
  • Series: Making It Simple

Our Christmas Conspiracy of Kindness offering was taken on Dec. 7th.

What's up with that?  Well, since Mosaic is a baby church that just launched this year, that makes this baby's first Christmas.

Since we're followers of Jesus.  We thought we'd take a clue from Him.  On His birthday, He doesn't receive the presents. . . others do.

So, we thought it would be cool to see if we could bless people in St. Louis by meeting some needs of people around us.  After all, generosity is a natural response to God!

Since the beginning of November , we've thought and prayed about people we know that need help.  Maybe it's someone needing help making their bills.  Maybe it's a single mom who needs help buying gifts for her kids so they can celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Anyway, on this day our entire offering (except for 10% that we send to support other ministries) will be going to meet needs of people. 

Since we Love God, it's natural that we Love People and Serve the World.  We thought this might be another way for us to flesh that out. 

Plus, it's fun to be part of a good conspiracy!