Christmas. Where has it gone?

  • Nov 30, 2008

The words lept off the brochure page:






My family all gathered in Branson for Thanksgiving.  Although Black Friday and the outlet malls had little to do with our decision to converge on Branson (it was the indoor water park for us) it appeared to be the top priority of the bizillions that sat in traffic to enter the parking lot!

I heard someone in New York was trampled to death entering a store. 

I've spoken with people who are stressed because they're not sure how they're going to afford all of the presents they're expected to buy.


It makes you ask the question, "What happened to Christmas?"

When did all of this junk take the place of what Jesus values?  Is this what we really want?  Most people claim to love this "time of the year"?  Is this stuff what we love?

You know what I love?

I love the idea of actively resisting a culture that guilts us into overspending.

I love the idea of not buying everything on the list.

I love the idea of loving in ways that are loud, messy and uncool.

Mosaic is a baby church.  This is "baby's first Christmas".  Christmas Conspiracy of Kindness is one way we're attempting to do Christmas "with Jesus for Jesus" by meeting needs in St. Louis.


(By the way, the brochure that inspired some of my thoughts was for Advent Conspiracy.  Check it out at