Church: Organization or Organism?

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Oct 25, 2013

Our society has really embraced standardization.  We love efficiency and a proven process.

Why be innovative?  After all, many would advise us by saying the best way to be successful is not to invent something new, but to take a good product and make it better or streamline the manufacturing process. 

We value effectiveness and convenience over being unique; although, we like to have some choices--they'd better not inconvenience us.

The case can be made that the contemporary church finds itself in a similar boat.  Some perceive that we've championed convenience, comfort and efficiency over values like service and sacrifice.  Too often we look to a new business practice when we have a problem.  One of my favorite authors, Erwin McManus goes as far as saying that, in the church, maybe we've embraced organization over life.

I love the church and I'm a fan of the church; however, I realize the church is often seen as the religious equivalent of IBM or Microsoft. 

As the Lead Pastor of Mosaic, I'm not trying to be the CEO and my goal isn't to grow a "mom and pop" organization into a conglomerate. 

We're striving to develop and unleash a community of believers who are on mission with Jesus to reach St. Louis. 

Our plan to do that is to intentionally create environments for people to Love God, Love People and Serve the World.

Creating healthy enviroments is key for the church to thrive as a healthy organism.  The church, according to scripture is living and breathing.  It's God's people.  The church is not a building you go to.  The church is something we are.

We're not striving to be a healthy organization.  We're striving to be all that God dreams for us.

I don't know the details of what we'll look like down the road.  We're a Mosaic after all.  The picture looks different everytime new pieces are added.

Join us.  We'd love to have you throw your pieces in the mix.