• Shane Adkisson
  • Oct 22, 2013

Okay, they say a kid blowing on a dandelion in Ohio can somehow work together with the rest of nature to produce a hurricane thousands of miles away.  That's wild and it sounds like new information, but obviously, it's been true for thousands of years.

God's designed us all to be connected.  It's not only true physically, it's true spiritually.

That's why we read in scripture that through the sin of one man and one woman all of the cosmos was effected.  Scholars have debated exactly what that means for years.

Here's my point.  The church is a part of all of this as well.  We effect the world around us and the world around us effects us.  

As the church, (I believe the church should be thought of as an organism--the Body of Christ--not an organization) we play a vital part in the ecosystem.  Here's what I mean:  We're to have a healthy relationship to God (Love God), a healthy relationship to each other (Love People) and a healthy involvement with the world (Serve the World).

At Mosaic, we're striving to Love God, Love People and Serve the World. 

It makes sense doesn't it?

When the local church loses one of those aspects, we get off track. 

If we lose our connection to God, we lose our way and begin to float aimlessly. 

If we lose our relationships with each other, we become cold and lifeless. 

If we close ourselves off from the world, we become self serving and become an institution rather than a movement.

We're a baby church in the St. Louis area.  We believe that making sure we're a healthy, God honoring community is one of the most important things we do.


Note:  The ecosystem concept was inspired by the book, "An Unstoppable Force" by Erwn McManus.