Embracing Creativity: Arts in the Church

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Apr 9, 2016

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For years the arts flourished in the church.

You don't have to think very long before your mind drifts to some of the amazing work in the cathedrals in Europe . . . and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But something's happened along the way.

Over the last 150 years in the North American church, things have looked different.  The church is no longer seen as a hot spot for creativity.

Fair or not, many people have looked at the church and gotten the impression that if they don't play the piano, organ or sing in the choir, then they better like to work with kids or else their lot is to sit in those uncomfortable wooden pews for an hour each week and be faithful in doing so!

Although, that's probably not really fair, that's been the perception of many concerning church for the last century or so.

Why do I bring this up?  Because we believe that God gifts people with the arts and we think the church should be a community in which human creativity flourishes. 

Graphic design, interior design, videography, painting, performance poetry, sculpture, dance and music represent a variety of creative avenues of expression that we're encouraging.

At Mosaic, we embrace creativity.  It's one of our Core Values.

I get so excited about the endless possibilities for a few reasons.

First, because I've known so many people who are wired with these talents and they've not seen how they could use their gifts within the chuch community.

Secondly, I believe it honors God.  When we use the gifts He's wired us with in ways that honor Him, I think He smiles.

Finally, because it says so much about who we are and what God's doing within this Mosaic community.  As He arranges and shapes us--we're constantly changing.  With each new addition to Mosaic, we look different and I'm encouraged because it reminds me that He's not done with us.  

I can't wait to see what Mosaic looks like in 3 months, one year, five years and beyond!


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