• Shane Adkisson
  • Jan 16, 2010

Mosaic family, many of you have been introduced to the ministry of House of Hope in Port-au-Prince, Haiti over the past year.  Bethany Lynn Austin, Jake Austin and Jessica Trotter have all served with HOH.  You've heard their stories, seen their pictures, prayed for them and the ministry of House of Hope.  Many of you gave mass amounts of Peanut Butter as well. :)

Bethany and her mother, Bambi, are there with the girls now.  (Great news link from channel 4 news.)  They're safe.  The girls are okay.  Only a few minor injuries.  Due to instability of the orphanage facility they are all staying in a nearby corn field.

All the teachers and staff have lost their houses.  Please keep them in your prayers.

We're attempting to respond and engage this moment. 

1.  We will take an offering on Sunday at both campuses which will go directly to House of Hope.

2.  Below is a listing of immediate needs.  If you bring them to Mosaic, we'll get them to the drop off point in St. Louis.






FIRST AID SUPPLIES: (band-aids of all sizes, first aid cream, antibiotic cream, alcohol wipes...)

PEANUT BUTTER (in plastic jars ONLY)

If you can't be at Mosaic this weekend but want to contribute to House of Hope, checks (Made out to AHBZ) can be mailed to: AHBZ, P.O. Box 45298, St. Louis, MO. 63145

Here's a link to a news report featuring House of Hope, Bethany's family and our friends Carl & Carole Vorst.

For more info about House of Hope, check out their website.

There are many other great organizations out there.  Here are a few suggestions: