• Shane Adkisson
  • Dec 29, 2017

Jesus.  100% God.  100% human.  And we read in Philippians 2 that he "did not cling to his rights as God."

You know, if I were God.  I'd do that differently.  I'd want everyone to know I was God.

I'm thinking "Shane is God" bumper stickers, "Shane is God" billboards by my house, I'd have a movie called "Shane Almighty", "Shane is God Night at Busch Stadium", a "Shane is God" product line--shoes, soap on a rope . . . you get the idea.

But, fortunately, Jesus did it differently.  He humbled himself to serve.

You might not know much about Jesus' life, but here's a quick overview:

He was born in a trough that animals ate out of = humility.

He spent His life serving others = humility

When He died, he allowed a minimum wage Roman soldier to nail Him to a tree He created. = humility

Jesus has shown me a different way to live.  He challenges me and reminds me it's not all about me.

He reminds me that in God's economy we don't climb the ladder of success.  We descend it.

His goal for me is not for me to become a star.  He wants me to descend into greatness.

He wants for me to become like Him.

One time, John the Baptist, was talking about Jesus and said, "He must become greater.  I must become less."