In a crowd but all alone?

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Jan 11, 2018

"In a crowd, but all alone?"

That was the question.  The response showed that we'd clearly struck a nerve.

Maybe you can relate all too well with that statement.  At some time in our life, we probably all can.

At times we may need to connect with a good counselor and get help to break free.

When people are feeling stuck and down, they often feel alone.  It's nothing new.  People in the scriptures experienced the same thing.

Once, a guy named Elijah decided he was finished.  He was so depressed he told God he just wanted to die because he felt he was the only one who was living the way God intended.

God gave him a reality check and told him he wasn't the only one.  He reminded Elijah that he had lots of people and He told Elijah to go get with them!

He doesn't say, "spend more time with me Elijah."  He doesn't tell Elijah to pray more.  He tells Elijah to go connect with some of His people.

A well respected Christian counselor once said that 90% of the people he sees could be dealt with by a good friend. 

I'm all for counseling.  I think it's a good thing.  The troubling thing is that too often we lack genuine relationships.  As a result, we're more likely to pay $100 an hour to talk to a stranger about our problems than we are to open up to a friend.

God has wired us for community.  We were not designed to "do life" alone.

If you're feeling all alone, get with some others and begin doing life with them.

At Mosaic we are fragmented people who are surrendering the broken pieces of our lives into the artful hands of God.  We're amazed at what He's piecing together and we invite you to join us.