Lakes, Rivers & Highways

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Mar 18, 2009

If Dee Dee and I took the kids to the lake for the day, we'd probably set up a picnic lunch and the kids would jump in the lake and play around just off the beach area.  After a while, they'd get out.  You know where they'd get out?  The same place they got in.

Some people look at the church as a lake.  Lakes are fed from somewhere--a spring, a river.  And people just expect the water to keep coming in.

And when the water doesn't come in . . . when things just sit . . . the water gets stale and stagnant.  Nothing goes in and nothing goes out and it just stays the same.  Pretty nasty.  Pretty unhealthy.  Pretty unattractive.

I think it's better to think of the church as a river.

St. Louis is on the Mississippi so we're pretty used to the river idea.  If you jump in the river and play around for 20 minutes--it's going to take you somewhere.  Your experience will be somewhat unpredictable and when you get out of the river (if you can) you'll be in a very different place than when you got in!

Because a river is flowing.  It's active.  It's a picture of movement.

Mosaic is all about movement.  We're developing and unleashing a community of believers who are on mission with Jesus.

Last week this poem/prayer showed up in my inbox:


Lord, Make me a River - not a Highway!

Rivers go with the flow,

and they sometimes settle down strongly in one channel. 

But rivers always have the capacity to break out and start a new channel. 

Highways are set in their ways. 

Too much change and sudden jolts simply break them. 

Not Rivers. 

I need to be flexible, Lord. 

Always growing and flowing.

At least part of my frustration grows out of my desire to be a highway. 

I want to settle down. 

I want the security of a set routine. 

But God, help me to be a river. 

Rivers are more relaxed! 

And Rivers are more resilient! 

So make me a river Lord!  Amen.


Mosaic is a river.  We want to be flexible.  Adaptable.  We make shifts like we did last week when we moved our downtown gathering time from 11 am to 6 pm.  Being adaptable is part of who we are.  We focused an entire gathering on that characteristic a while back looking at the lives of two biblical characters, Daniel and Esther, both of whom showed incredible resilience as they adapted to their situation to seize the moment for God's purpose.

I also love the idea of being a river that starts new channels.  Mosaic launched out in a new channel a little over a year ago which we refer to as "West Campus" out at the exit of Hwy 40 & N in St. Charles County.  We launched a new channel last summer when we saw one of our Mosaic family head out to serve in Columbia and we gathered around her to see it happen.

God is working in us and through us.  Like we say . . . when it comes to Mosaic, there's more than meets the eye.