Last Sunday

  • Nov 1, 2009

As a new church, we're learning what it means to be a spiritual family.

God is shaping us.  Like a family we celebrate when we experience great things and we hurt with each other in tough times.

I think last week was one of the most fun days we've had.  It's nice to just laugh together!

Doing the spontaneous melodrama was a blast!  If you've been to church much in your life, I'm betting you've not experienced that before!

It was definately a unique experience.  Like we discussed, one of the things we're saying at Mosaic is that we're okay with being part of the Research & Development arm of the church.  We're not going to be afraid to try things.  If they work . . . great!  If not, we won't do that again and we'll move on.

Thanks to everyone for jumping right in!  I was taken back by the overwhelming response.

You guys are awesome.  I thank God for allowing us to do life together!