Making Life Count

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Jan 3, 2018


Why is it that some people go through life and it seems "lightening strikes" everywhere they go?

Do they have better opportunities?  Do they create their own "luck"?  Is it karma?  Or does God like them better?

Have you wondered, why, for some, it seems everywhere they go and whatever they put their hand to . . . God just seems to show up.

In a moment of transparency we might say, "If God wants to use everyone and if God is calling me to a life of adventure . . . how come I'm living this 'daily grind'?"

Is there a way for us to capture the moments of life?  To escape the grind?

We all "hear the voice".  We have this sense that we were meant for something more.

Deep within us we all know that to play it safe is to lose the game.

If we're going to live a life above mediocrity we have to learn to engage each moment.

Moments can be funny things.  A moment can be so small and so insignificant that we miss it.  How many moments did you live through last week that you don't even recall?

On the flip side, a moment can be so significant that the direction of our life is altered and things are never the same again.

As Erwin McManus calls it the "mystery of a moment."

But how do we seize the big moment?  How do we know when it's coming?  As we consider that we can almost feel the pressure rising, right?!

Fortunately, the only moment you have to take responsibility for is the one in front of you.

Join us at Mosaic as we grow in living this life of adventure with Jesus.  We don't have it all figured out . . . but we're growing and moving forward.  You're invited to join us.