Mo' Kids

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Nov 1, 2009

Last night was fun!  I saw tons of cute costumes.  I even saw a family dressed as the Wizard of Oz!  One of them was even dressed as the Yellow Brick Road and had an Emerald City hat!  It was sweet.

My kids had a blast too!  Every year it seems they have a costume challenge for my wife.  This year it was my daughter's turn.  She wanted to be a penguin.  She talked about it for a couple of months!  Again, my wife met the challenge and she was an adorable penguin!  I have no idea how she creates these amazing costumes.

Thanks to everyone from Mosaic who seized the opportunity to connect with kids and families in their neighborhood to invite them to Mo'Kids!

If you're one of the families that received the invite, we'd love to have you drop in to one of our gatherings.  Just click the "Gatherings: Where & When" link for more info!