Mosaic Grand Opening!

  • Feb 28, 2008

Grand opening invite When my wife was pregnant, time did a funny thing.  On the one hand, time seemed to fly by and go so quickly.  But, from another perspective, it seemed like the baby would never come.

Eventually, both our babies came.  They both brought exciting days with their own individual birth stories.

My son, Riley's was the more traumatic of the two.  We had a rocky delivery and he ended up being an emergency c-section.  Following that, we had the opportunity to sit with him in the neo-natal intensive care unit for a week.

It was wild because everything seemed to go so well until right up to the final moments, then things got wild.  The delivery plan changed and then there were reprecussions that we'd not been prepared for.

You've probably already guessed where this is going, haven't you?

Seeing Mosaic birth is much the same.  For the most part things have gone smoothly; however, there have been a couple of painful and turbulent times.  I'm writing this just before our first public worhip service.  We've anticipated this for a long time.

And, I can't wait.

I can almost taste it.

Our Grand Opening is Sunday, March 16, 23 & 30th at 11:00 a.m.  We'd love for you to join us!   map of EH Lyle

We're meeting at E.H. Lyle Middle & High School, which is located at the corner of Washington & Jefferson.

E.H. Lyle Middle & High School is located at 706 North Jefferson, St. Louis, MO  63103