• Shane Adkisson
  • Feb 12, 2009
  • Series: Making It Simple

Slumdog Millionaire.  Great movie.  Go see it.

It's the story of Malik, an overcomer, who pursues the one worthwhile relationship in his life despite the hardship and cruelty of growing up impoverished and without parents in a third world country.

Malik experiences energizing highs and unthinkable lows.

Over and over, with great resilience, Malik gets up and continues motivated by his pursuit of the only whole relationship in his life.

The Slumdog story absolutely sings for a couple of reasons.

First, I think we love to see someone who refuses to be paralyzed by the trauma of life and surges ahead motivated by love.

Secondly, the difficulties Malik experiences are so dark that it causes the bright moments to shine with brilliance.

We're always drawn to light.  We love light in the midst of darkness.  We love the stories of overcomers like Malik.

My life looks a lot different from his; however, I've had my share of darkness.

Our Mosaic community has lots of people who share my story. The truth is, we're messed up and we don't have it all together--sometimes our brokeness is a result of things we've done.  Other times it's a result of things that have happened to us that we didn't control.  Either way . . . it gets to looking pretty dark.

So, we're people who are finding light and direction for life through following Jesus. 

Some of us are brand new to the idea, while others have been on the journey for a while.

Regardless of where you are spiritually, we welcome you at Mosaic.  You belong here . . . really.