• Shane Adkisson
  • Dec 17, 2017

Songs usually flow from passionate thoughts.  There's usually something that compels the artist to write. 

When those lyrics resonate with the hearts and lives of the rest of us, hits are born.

I find myself resonating with these lyrics along with many other people around the world who bought and downloaded them literally by the millions.

"It's a beautiful day.  Don't let it slip away."--Beautiful Day, U2

"I'm letting go of all I've held on to.  I'm hanging by a moment here with You."--Hanging by a Moment, Lifehouse

"What if you had one shot . . . one opportunity . . . to seize everything you've ever wanted . . . would you capture it . . . or just let it slip?"--Lose Yourself, Eminem

"You've got to get yourself together.  You've got stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it."--Stuck in a Moment, U2

I'm constantly amazed by the power of a moment.  A moment can be insignificant; however, in a moment the course of our lives can be forever changed.

In life there are no trial runs.  No "do overs".  There's one real one.  And it's the real thing from the first breath.

I'm learning to engage the moments of life through surrendering to God and taking initiative to move with Him.

I realize some may read that last sentence and wonder how those concepts can co-exist.  Here's how:  As I recalibrate my heart to God, I become more "in line" with Him and I choose to align my life with what He wants to see done in human history.

There are certain things God wants to see done.  I want to give the one and only life I've got to His mission.

I'm joining other followers of Jesus throughout history by capturing the moments of life by taking initiative and moving forward even in the midst of uncertainty.