Tell me five things.

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Dec 3, 2017

I've come to enjoy inviting friends to tell me about five things:  a relationship, project, moment, where they exceeded expectations or were told they did a great job, etc.  

One of the five has to be from before they were 10 yrs old.  One has to be from before they were 18 and the rest from adulthood, but none could have anything to do with their present job.

As you might imagine, it makes for a great conversation.

It also gives me a great opportunity to listen.

One of the best things about the experience is that it gives people permission to brag a little.  We just don't do that.  For instance, if a guy walked up to us and said, "When I was in 3rd grade, my car smoked everyone in the Pinewood Derby!" We'd be like, "Okay?!" and thinking that was:

a.) pretty random

b.) this guy needs to move on in life and

c.) no matter how I respond--awkward moment.

It's been cool to hear people's good stuff.  Hearing their successes, trials, and life stories have been amazing.  Some of these people I've known for years and know very well, but I've learned new things about each of them.  I wasn't sure that was possible in a couple of instances!

But what I walk away with the most is an overwhelming sense of the incredible potential that lies within people.

People are our greatest resource.

They are our best investment.

Everything else is disposable.