What's Important in Life? (pt. 1)

  • Shane Adkisson
  • Mar 27, 2008

"We've won a free trip to ________ but we have to fly out tomorrow evening!" 

If someone close to us walked in and made that announcement, we'd all turn into efficient, organizing maniacs!  We'd list the things that had to be done in order of importance, delegate some of those responsibilites and get more done in the next 24 hours than we usually would in a week. 

Why don't we live like that all of the time? 

I think some people do.  They're the ones who get more done before 9:00 a.m. than the rest of us do all day.

They excel in the marketplace, have thriving relationships, maybe even a family, they've written a book or two and are working on a couple other projects while pursuing their next degree.

In my early twenties I crossed paths with a guy at a conference.  We were the same age.  We talked and kind of connnected relationally but we never spoke again.  Then, in my late twenties, I find that he's writing his third or fourth book and speaking at this conference that I'm attending.  I'm thinking, "Wow!  What have I been doing?!

So, we re-organize our lives, make strong behavioral decisions, meet with a life coach, a mentor and we actually make progress!  We move forward on some things.

Then . . . it happens.  Something in life happens that causes us to stop . . . shift gears . . . and re-evaluate everything. 

And in that moment, we ask . . . 

What is important in life?

It's a staggering question.

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