• Shane Adkisson
  • Dec 6, 2017



One Sunday, during the year we launched Mosaic, we talked about a few things that including "holding each other up."  It was actually a continuation of something we engaged the week before.

During worship the previous week we invited people to walk over to one of the “windows” that we'd constructed and we told them to take a paint marker and write down "a barrier that exist between you and God" on one of the windows.  So all during our gathering that night people walked to the “windows” and wrote. 

When we gathered on our first anniversary, which was the following week, we set out all of the “windows” with the barriers written on them and encouraged everyone to walk back anytime during the service and pray for one of the barriers written on a window. 

The idea was to lift up someone and their barrier to God.  The instruction was “after you pray for one of the barriers―wipe it off the window.” 

As we looked around, there wasn't a large crowd.  But when we reflected on what God's done through us over the last year it was amazing!  We discussed how the church is the people of God and how we're striving to unleash people to live on mission with Jesus.  We spent some time talking about specific ways that 's happening in our lives.  The stories were inspiring.

At the end of the service we took a look at the “windows”--you know the ones with the “barriers” written on them . . . they had all been wiped clean. 

They'd all been prayed for and lifted up to God.  We're developing and learning what it means to really lift each other up.  We're growing in Loving God, Loving People and Serving the World.